SacredFeminineArt.com Rebirthing the Sacred Feminine through Art

Sacred Feminine Art~ Offerings of Earth Mother Goddess statues, Goddess art for healing, creative empowerment, women's blessing circles, doula midwife gifts, fertility, abundance, altars, sacred space.
These sculptures are my offerings, my prayers for the Rebirth of the Sacred Feminine within our Hearts and consciousness. "Rebirth" -- spiritual regeneration, renaissance, revival.
From my Heart and Hands, these earth clay sculptures are birthed and blessed in the Manzano Mountains of the "Land of Enchantment", New Mexico, USA.

May these sculptures remind you of the Sacred Feminine within, as well as your connection to our Sacred Mother Earth.
May you honor and celebrate the gifts of the Goddess -- the ability to conceive and create, to give birth and nourish, to be receptive and intuitive, to illuminate, transform, and to be magnetic.
May the Goddess empower you to birth your authentic, creative self.

I see the Earth as a living, breathing being,
Alive with Spirit.
When my hands are in clay,
I feel connected to the Earth,
To my Ancestors,
To the Creative Life-Force Energy.
In the Clay, lives the Spirit of the Mother.

As I surrender and connect
with the Spirit of the Clay,
The clay is transformed, I am transformed.
My passion is to Honor and Celebrate Life
by creating art which
Opens the Heart
Honors the Sacred Feminine,
and kindles the Spiritual Fire within.

May these sculptures bless your Heart and Home.

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